Over the years there have been a bunch of great afterlife films coming from Hollywood: Heaven Can Wait, last year’s Reese Witherspoon comedy Just Like Heaven, The Bishop’s Wife. You might even say Hollywood has a knack for the spiritual. Not this time. As I sat in the theater, one word kept running through my head: seriously?

Kate (Eva Longoria Parker) is a difficult bridezilla who is tragically (or thankfully) killed by an ice sculpture on her wedding day. Moreover, Parker can’t act, so the character is doubly grating. She then decides to use her time in the afterlife to break up her ex-fiancé, Henry (Paul Rudd), and his new gal. I’d say this dog has made-for-TV movie written all over it, but it’s not that good, and it’s not worth taking up any more of your time…or mine.

It's a 1.