If you missed these in the theaters, your second chance has arrived. Here’s what’s coming soon on DVD:

Just Go With It

Trust me. I am the first person to cringe when I hear the words Adam Sandler of late. Just watch the trailer for Jack and Jill if you doubt me. However, this charming, if far-fetched, romantic comedy is actually both funny and romantic. It’s a 7.

The Conspirator

If you’re a fan of conspiracy theories, you will like this courtroom drama about the aftermath of Lincoln’s assassination and a frantic government desperate to bring those accountable, or close to accountable, to justice. The social commentary on modern-day treatment of suspects is as subtle as a train wreck, but the film is entertaining and informative. It’s a 7.

The Big Lebowski

The wait is over. Fans of The Dude (Jeff Bridges) can finally own their own copy of the Coen brothers cult classic of mistaken identity. It’s an 8.


Another oldie but goodie, this indie comedy about single life in Los Angeles launched the careers of Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau. It’s an 8.

Everything Must Go

Will Ferrell ventures into drama in this indie film about a man whose life suddenly takes a wrong turn. It’s a 6.