Film critics are calling this the 'Summer of the Bomb.' I’m not sure studios have ever had so many box office flops in one season. Audiences are telling Hollywood in no uncertain terms that it’s going to take more than an A-list star and a hundred-million-dollar budget to sell tickets. So, if Channing Tatum in a wife-beater or Johnny Depp in war paint doesn't get you excited, I’m sorry to say I have good news and bad news on the home front. Here are some interesting rentals and some I wouldn't watch if I were tied to the chair.



Oz the Great and Powerful

It’s hard to give a thumbs-up to a Wizard of Oz remake, but this effort is a charming, well-acted homage.


Jack Reacher

Tom Cruise is box-office repellent these days, but this thriller about a government agent going up against the bad guys to save the day—and the girl—is entertaining, if derivative.


Warm Bodies

Between this and Zombieland, I think zombie comedy may become a legitimate genre. This is another clever, funny--and yes, romantic--foray into the world of the un-dead.

Suspense/ Horror


Now I can’t speak to this movie personally, but my friends who enjoy getting the muffins scared out of them insist that this is the movie to do it.


Finding Nemo

Fall in love with the animated classic again, or introduce your kids to it. And yes, technically it’s not a romance, per se; but considering my options, I’m going to need a little wiggle room here.



Jack the Giant Slayer and/or Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

I won’t go into detail. Suffice it to say, the fairy tale-as-feature-film craze is over.


A Good Day to Die Hard

Bruce Willis is too marketable to cling to this out-of-gas franchise.



Tina Fey and Paul Rudd: What could possible go wrong? Pretty much everything.

Suspense/ Horror

The Host

To describe an alien invasion movie as far-fetched may not be the most clarifying terminology. Just trust me on this one.


Safe Haven

The only reason to watch this movie is if you want to test your gag reflex.

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