After the weekend I’ve had at the cineplex, I can say with confidence that unless you’ve got any of the Oscar winners you need to check off your list, stay home and download a movie. Here are some suggestions:

Seven Psychopaths

This bizarre story is sort of an existential glimpse into the creative process of making a film. Colin Farrell stars as the frustrated screenwriter Marty. His best friend, Billy (Sam Rockwell), tries to create a real-life narrative to inspire Marty. Meanwhile, their friend (Christopher Walken) is a con man who kidnaps dogs only to return them for the reward money. Everything goes wrong when he nabs the wrong dog.

The Awakening

I’m not sure this indie thriller ever surfaced here, but it looks interesting. Set in London in 1921, the movie follows a successful author and debunker of paranormal activity. When she is hired to investigate a ghost sighting at a boarding school where a young student has recently died, she literally is forced to confront her demons.

The Imposter

This is another under-the-radar indie. A 13-year-old boy is abducted from a Texas town only to resurface three years later in a small village in Spain. Despite the fact that the child has all the characteristics of the boy who was stolen, several things just don’t add up.

To Rome with Love

If you’re a Woody Allen fan, this one is an above-average effort. Coming on the heels of Midnight in Paris doesn’t help it, expectation-wise. Here, Alec Baldwin plays an aging architect reliving his youth in the city. Meanwhile, a working class Italian man (Roberto Benigni) finds himself inexplicably thrust into the spotlight as Woody Allen explores the double-edged sword of fame.

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