New on DVD

It’s a good week to stay home with a good book or a rental. Here are the top movie options (ratings in parentheses). 


Hard to believe this is still the No. 1 movie rental in the country. I don’t understand why. Is there an alternate ending? Does Kate Winslet scoot over and let Leo share that floating door and they end up living happily ever after? (8)

The Avengers

Twenty-seven super heroes fighting to save the world—and for screen time. If you missed it in the theater, it is absolutely worth a rental. (8)

Battleship and Dark Shadows

I group these two together because why would you pay to rent either one, when you could whack yourself in the head with a ball-peen hammer for free? (3) (4)

Magic Mike

Ah yes, the rental for women too embarrassed to go to Chippendales. With the Mark Wahlberg comedy Ted coming out on DVD next week, it’s going to be a strange rental cycle: women renting movies about strippers and men renting movies about stuffed teddy bears. (5)


Critics were split right down the middle by this darkly disturbing Oliver Stone thriller. In the film, two marijuana dealers have the love of their lives kidnapped by a Mexican drug lord and resort to any means necessary to get her back. (7)

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Keira Knightley and Steve Carell star in this charming, if unfulfilling, rom-com about finding hope as mankind faces demise. (5)

Take This Waltz

Michelle Williams stars as Margot, a young woman who falls in love at first sight with Daniel (Luke Kirby). The problem is, she is already married to a loving cookbook writer, Lou (Seth Rogan). When Margot discovers that Daniel is her neighbor, the situation intensifies. (7)

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