World War Z

There is no denying it: Brad Pitt is a beautiful, beautiful man. Keep Affleck, Clooney, Crowe, Damon—and I’m going alphabetically—Brad Pitt eclipses them all. Honestly, I would pay the price of admission to watch him watch paint dry. I used to do it for free...stupid restraining orders…but I digress. In any event, I think we all can agree that Brad is one of a handful of name-above-the title Hollywood A-listers who can man a blockbuster movie. Now, if someone could just find him a worthwhile movie to man...

It’s the zombie apocalypse. We’re not quite sure why or how or what, but the zombies are here and it’s up to Gerry Lane (Pitt) to stop them. Gerry was, at one time, some sort of U.N. operative, and is pulled out of retirement by Secretary Thierry Umutoni (Fana Mokoena) to begin a global hunt for the cause and the cure for the zombie plague.

I don’t understand these zombies, and the movie makes very little effort to explain the cause or spread of the virus that turns people into the undead. That’s all right, it wouldn’t be the first movie where zombies hunted and humans fled. These zombies, however, don’t even seem that interested in eating humans, only converting them. A zombie bites a human and bam! 12 seconds later, they have a new recruit with no value other than adding another body to the zombie force—slightly better financed, they could be a political party. And while Pitt and his small force of dedicated humans take their roles seriously, the zombies with their jerky contortions and teeth-snapping gyrations stray to the comical. The film is well-acted (Pitt’s easy anti-hero is a refreshing change of pace for an action movie) and entertaining, and that’s about it. I found myself frustrated imaging what the film could have been. It’s a 6.

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