Honestly, I could watch Clint Eastwood do almost anything. Heck, I recently watched him talk to a chair, so I mean what I say. Clearly, he chooses his films carefully. And once again, he has chosen a script with meat on the bone.

Gus (Eastwood) is the best scout in baseball. Correction: Guswasthe best scout in baseball. With his eyesight failing, he no longer can effectively evaluate prospects. In an attempt to salvage his career and repair their damaged relationship, his estranged lawyer daughter, Mickey (Amy Adams), joins him on a recruiting trip. Along the way, Mickey comes across a failed pitcher-turned-scout Johnny (Justin Timberlake) and the two immediately click.

Honestly, nothing beats a good Dirty Harrymovie, but there is something so powerful about Clint Eastwood’s later films and this one is no exception. Yes this is a baseball movie, and it’s agoodbaseball movie; but baseball simply is the backdrop for a touching, well-acted film.

It’s a 7.

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