I loved Harry Potter, I liked Twilight and I tolerated The Hunger Games. Now, I’m afraid my tolerance for tween supernatural lit has reached its sell-by date--especially when the studio seems to throw together every standard character and plot point from any, and every, previous film of the same ilk and hope for the best. It’s like throwing flour, sugar and eggs in the oven and hoping a cake comes out.

Clary (Lily Collins) is a less-than-ordinary girl whose world is turned upside down when she learns she is descended from a long line of shadow-hunters--angelic creatures who kill the demons threatening our world. In order to find her missing mother and save the world, she joins with her legion to fight evil in a bizarro underside of New York. (I think it’s just east of The Village. I vaguely remember being there myself one night, very late.)

Let me put it this way: There was a boy five or six rows behind me throwing popcorn at a girl sitting a couple of seats to my left, and the exchange was far more interesting than what was happening on-screen. Lily Collins is a talented, beautiful young actress, but even she couldn't save this. And sadly, there are more to come. It’s a 5.

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