I will be brief. When Arnold Schwarzenegger uttered the now-infamous line, I’ll be back, we all cheered in white-knuckle anticipation. Oh, he’s coming back all right. And he’s going to crack some skulls.

Well, he's back, but more in a cold-sore kind of way. Take the plot points from any one of the last 17 action movies you have seen since 1990, and you can successfully piece together this movie. Arnold is the jaded small-town sheriff running from a dark past and now living a sleepy, uncomplicated life. Enter the drug kingpin armed to the teeth and fleeing the country. The only thing standing between him and freedom is this rusty sheriff and his rag-tag group of deputies.

Now, if the movie snob in me will take five, I will tell you this is quite a popcorn-chomper of a movie. Yes, it’s Arnold being Arnold, but guess what? It’s also Arnold being Arnold. It would have benefited from a PG-13 rating—I know my kids would love it. It’s a good movie for when you just want to turn your brain off and watch some stuff explode.

It’s a 7.

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