In all fairness, I have to say it is virtually impossible to review this movie accurately without giving away every idiotic unoriginal plot twist in it. I will say this: You have seen this movie before. That being said, the story, albeit familiar, is suspenseful and at times extremely well-acted.

Emily Taylor (Rooney Mara) is battling depression. Her former Wall Street titan husband Martin (Channing Tatum) is in jail for insider training and her day-to-day life seems hopeless. On one particularly dark day, she drives her car full speed into the wall of her office parking garage. In the hospital, a kindly psychiatrist, Jonathan Banks (Jude Law), suspects the accident was a suicide attempt and offers to treat her. After unsuccessfully trying a laundry list of anti-depressants, Emily finally finds one that seems to work, Ablixa, a new medication touted by her former therapist Dr. Victoria Seibert (Catherine Zeta-Jones).

The one strange side effect of the drug is that Emily sleepwalks. Well, she more than sleepwalks, she sleep-cooks and sleep-eats and apparently, she sleep-stabs, as she awakens one morning to find Martin dead on the floor of their apartment. Emily has no memory of what happened. And that’s where things get a bit sticky. 

Rooney Mara and Jude Law make the movie watchable. The wax figure that posed as Catherine Zeta-Jones was passable, if immobile, but the thought of Channing Tatum playing a genius hedge fund manager is laughable. The guy looks like he thinks Sean Penn is the capital of Cambodia. Fortunately, his performance is mercifully cut short. In the end, it’s OK.

It’s a 6.

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