Well, the summer plods on with one exploding disappointment after the next. I must admit I was hopeful for a reprieve. If we had any chance, it was this sequel to the surprisingly refreshing RED. With a cast you dream about, there really was very little Hollywood could do to mess this up. Frankly, the bar is set so low, I could forgive almost anything—almost. If you are willing to suspend disbelief, not over-analyze (or even analyze) the plot, and blissfully watch a near-flawless group of actors earn beach-house money, this is your movie.

The plot is as you would expect: Retired (and extremely dangerous) operative Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) is enjoying a quiet life with his lady love Sarah (Mary Louise Parker) when they are rudely interrupted by Frank’s old colleague, Marvin (John Malkovich), who informs them they are once again in danger. They have been implicated in an old nuclear scandal from the ‘70s revolving around a weapon of mass destruction that may or may not be back in play. They recruit their old friend, Victoria (Helen Mirren), and a contract killer named Han (Byung-hun Lee) in their quest to save the world.

On the bright side, the movie is funny and very entertaining. So check your brain at the door and sit back and enjoy. It pales in comparison to the first installment, but it isn’t a complete waste. You can bet RED3 already is in the works. It’s a 6.

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