The January movie curse continues. I don’t know how much of the blame for this film we can put on Peter Farrelly—the production credits have more names than I care to count. Nevertheless, his name is among them; and this movie reeks of his signature, sophomoric witless comedy. The lingering question about this movie is How? How on earth did they assemble that cast with that script? The film stars A-listers, Oscar winners and soon-to-be Oscar winners. I get that they have their eye on a beach house, but come on.

This movie contains almost a dozen shorts that range in subject from—well, there is no range—sex, genitalia, excrement, bodily fluids, as well as a touch of racism and high-school bullying thrown in for good measure. The problem is simple: It’s just not funny. I’m a fan of inappropriate humor, but there has to be humor. Don’t see this movie. Don’t rent this movie. Don’t even read this review.

It’s a 2.

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