I am extremely cautious of movies that take on the basic rules that govern our world: time, space, gravity, relativity, and so forth. It’s possible that I have so much trouble grasping most of the basic premises that when an alternative theory is presented, I know I disagree, but I’m not completely sure why. In any event, I can completely and thoroughly grasp a good movie—and if it’s done well, the science still may be fiction, but it is nonetheless plausible and even interesting.

Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) is a hapless party girl living it up in Taiwan. When her sketchy boyfriend chains a briefcase to her wrist, and orders her to deliver it to a mysterious mobster, she finds herself in the midst of a violent drug deal. When the drug is accidentally released into her system, she begins to access more and more of her brain—quickly becoming a super-human as she fights to recover the powerful substance and come to terms with her new power.

And that’s it: A gorgeous superwoman kicks butt and saves the day. Well, that, and a fairly substantial philosophical thread about the nature of existence, time and mortality. It’s sort of Kill Bill-meets-Gravity, and it’s a very entertaining 90 minutes. It’s a 7.

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