I think at one time or another, everyone has thought about writing a movie about a quirky career or hobby. Best in Show and Little Miss Sunshine are stellar examples of how delightful a slice-of-life film can be. However, this comedy about the strange world of voice-over acting is an example of an idea that should have stayed at the dinner table.

Carol (Lake Bell) is a precocious voice coach. When her father, Sam (Fred Melamed), an industry voice-over legend, kicks her out to live with his new young girlfriend, Carol must find a more lucrative source of income. She lands a voice-over gig, stealing it from the industry’s current ‘it’ voice, Gustav (Ken Marino). She soon finds herself in direct competition with Gustav and Sam for the coveted job of voicing the next billion-dollar movie’s trailer.

I know what the filmmakers wanted this film to be: a funny offbeat look at an unseen side of the movie business. Unfortunately, it is a tedious story with unrelatable characters and a script that make you wonder how it ever made it onto the big screen in the first place. It’s just a waste of time. It’s a 3.

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