My brother and I used to spend the night at my grandmother’s house and watch the original Godzilla movies. I would bury my head in my pillow, begging for him to change the channel as he dangled the antique remote over my head with a sinister grin. That one sequel with the giant moth scarred me. So, you can imagine my surprise years later, when I realized I had had the dinner scared out of me by a puppet smashing cardboard models on a ping-pong table. Special effects have come a long way…as have film budgets.

This movie has every component of a good monster movie: a compelling hero, charming supporting characters, a reasonable (and I use the term loosely) premise, and (most important) a kickass monster. The world is in danger (but from what?), a monster is here to wreak havoc (or is he?), arrogant humans shoot first and ask questions later (will we ever learn?). This movie has absolutely everything a great monster movie needs. Get a large popcorn, an icy-cold drink and enjoy some killer special effects. It’s a 7.

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