I have to admit I've been curious about this film. As an Oscar nominee for Best Animated Feature, I thought to myself that it must drive these animators nuts to create something so precious, only to be trampled by the Goliath that is Disney. Nothing against Frozen, it’s a delightful film, but this is art.

Under the wintry city, the mice scurry and work, doing their best to avoid the ravenous grasp of the bears above. Celestine (Mackenzie Foy) is not your typical mouse. She’s artistic and sensitive. When she is almost gobbled up by the equally nonconforming bear Ernest (Forest Whitaker), the two become fast friends. Of course like all rule-bending friendships, they quickly fall prey to both disapproving species.

Watching this film is like reading a beautifully illustrated children’s book. It’s charming and beautiful with a touching and simple message. This is the absolute perfect film for a grandparent-grandchild outing. It’s an 8.

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