edge of tomorrow

In the wake of a string of atrocious big-budget bombs for Tom Cruise--and a title that makes it sound like a '70s soap opera--I was fully prepared to hate this movie. I was hoping it would be so bad I could walk out, get a little payback for having to sit through Oblivion. However, I should have known that if any movie star can weather the storm, it’s Tom Cruise. After countless maybe-I’ll-rent-it releases, he finally picked a winner.

In the not-so-distant future, the earth is attacked. (That may be enough for you to stop reading; if that’s the case, I completely understand.) Major William Cage (Cruise) is killed battling the alien forces, only to find himself alive--and back in time--ready to fight again. Caught in this loop, he battles the enemy, and with each encounter, he comes closer to winning. He enlists the help of Rita (Emily Blunt), who knows his predicament and helps to train him to fight.

A couple of words come to mind that rarely apply to action films: clever and witty. I have to say this movie surprised me (having the bar set low certainly didn’t hurt). This was smart and engaging, and as much as we love to hate his personal dramas, Tom Cruise knows how to helm a blockbuster. The only problem is, does anybody care? It’s a 7.

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