If you are 25 or older:

This is quite simply an asinine 90 minutes of fart jokes. Johnny Knoxville continues his aptly named Jackass antics here, disguised as a vulgar 86-year old man with his grandson in tow. There are a handful of laugh-out-loud moments, but twice as many that make you want to wince. If you’re a good grandpa and want to know if it’s OK for the kiddos, well, there is a small amount of profanity, some exposed prosthetic genitalia and more sexual references than you’d hear at Fleet Week, so it’s up to you. It’s a 4.

If you are younger than 25:

This movie is hilarious. Johnny Knoxville steps in to fill the shoes of Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat) in the Punk’d-as-movie genre. This time, road-tripping with a foul-mouthed 12-year-old, Billy (Jackson Nicoll). In all honesty, it could have been funnier. They end almost every scene before it fully plays out and some of the outtakes in the closing credits seem funnier that the scenes they used. Still, it’s a respectable first start--and you know there are more on the way. It’s a 7.

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