Let me just start off by saying that there may not be two more likeable people on the planet than Tina Fey and Paul Rudd. (Yes, Fey’s Garnier hair commercial where she suddenly has the glowing locks of Rapunzel is mildly annoying, but I’m willing to overlook it.) Pairing them in a romantic comedy seems like a no-brainer. The problem here is this isn’t a romantic comedy: It’s not funny and it’s barely romantic. Yes, there are a few one-liners thrown in for good measure, but make no mistake—this movie is a drama. It’s not a bad movie, I just don’t like being duped.

Portia Nathan (Fey) is a Princeton admissions officer. When the head of admissions announces his retirement, Portia leaves on her annual recruiting trip, hoping to return to a big promotion. During her travels, she visits an alternative school run by an old classmate, John Pressman (Rudd). In addition to a growing attraction to John, she also discovers a talented student, Jeremiah (Nat Wolf), who may or may not be the child Portia gave up for adoption.

There isn’t really much more to say. Lily Tomlin is, as always, a breath of fresh air as Portia’s cantankerous mother. While Rudd and Fey may not have the most fiery on-screen chemistry, they're always enjoyable to watch. I’d call this one a rainy-day rental. It’s a 6.

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