Here we have the next in a long line of what seems to be the movie theme of the summer: the raunchy comedy. It started with The Hangover Part 2, continued with Bridesmaids and Horrible Bosses. We all knew it wouldn’t be long before a light bulb switched on: Give that comedy salad a little raunch dressing. This is the funniest of the summer’s R-rated comedies and it also is the dirtiest. They really put the freak in Freaky Friday.

Mitch (Ryan Reynolds) and Dave (Jason Bateman) have been best friends since the third grade, but their lives have taken two very different paths. Dave is a workaholic lawyer with a gorgeous family and zero free time. Mitch is an out-of-work actor who spends his days getting stoned and wooing (that’s a euphemism) women. As one might imagine, each envies the other’s life, and when they both verbalize that feeling, Abracadabra! They end up in each other’s bodies.

From there on out, it’s as you would expect, only dirtier. Mitch has to deal with screaming babies, a neglected wife and a bully. Dave has to deal with 3 a.m. booty calls and handling Mitch’s latest role in a soft core porno. Mitch has a fresh—and refreshing—take on parenting, particularly when it comes to a bully, and Dave gets a profound appreciation for everything he has taken for granted. Standard fare…only dirtier. I squirmed as much as I laughed. Sadly, where the movie goes off track is when it crosses the line. I thought the funniest parts of the movie were the simple fixes the men perform on each other’s lives. No kids to this one, it earns its R-rating in many, many ways.

It's a 7.