Now I know this is going to come as a shock to most of you, because this is brand new information. So you might want to sit down for this and brace yourself. Women can have children and careers. I know. I know, but come on. It’s nineteen-seventy…it’s nineteen-ninety…it’s 2011. I mean I know we can’t own property and vote, but we can work and we can breed. So grab your broad brush and let’s start painting.

Carrie Bradshaw, er I mean Kate (Sarah Jessica Parker) is a career woman with two children. Life is hard. She meets obstacles at every turn. The stay-at-home moms, a.k.a. ‘momsters,’ are all cookie-baking bitches, and her male co-workers are all chauvinists and suck-ups. I really don’t have a whole lot to say here. Did you know being a working mother is difficult? Well, in that case I have nothing to say.

There is a great episode of the television show Seinfeld where Jerry complains that he thinks his dentist has converted to Judaism strictly to be able to tell Jewish jokes. The man then says, “And this offends you as a Jewish person?” To which Jerry responds, “It offends me as a comedian.” This movie didn’t offend me as a working mother; it offended me as someone who writes humorously (I hope) about the same topic. Trust me. You will laugh more reading this review than you will in this movie—even if you only laughed once. I have to give it the most insulting descriptive I can know: obvious.

It's a 3.