I tend to shy away from gangster movies. After The Godfather everything just pales in comparison. This is something a little different—bootleggers during the depression— so I was willing to give it a chance. And I’m glad I did.

The three Bondurant brothers make moonshine in the Virginia foothills. Like all cinematic fraternal trios there’s the serious one, Howard (Jason Clarke), the hotheaded one, Forrest (Tom Hardy), and the shy one, Jack (Shia LaBeouf). Everything is going swimmingly until a corrupt lawman Charlie Rakes (Guy Pearce) decides he wants a cut of the business.

The word I would use to describe this film is attractive. The actors are attractive, the setting is attractive, the story is attractive. I don’t have much else to say other than that. It’s interesting, if not gripping. It’s well-acted, if not brilliantly acted. It’s beautiful, if not breathtaking. My brain gives it an 8, and my heart gives it a 6. Split the difference—it’s a 7.