Let me give you a hypothetical scenario: You are a perpetual bachelor who wears a fake wedding ring to assist you in picking up women for one-night stands. When a woman you actually want to pursue finds the discarded prop in your pants pocket the morning after, she demands an explanation. You tell her:

a) It belongs to a not-so-faithful friend, b) It’s your dead father’s ring, c) You don’t want to get involved right now, and you wear the ring to fend off advances, or d) You are married but getting a divorce. Then force your assistant to act as your soon-to-be-ex, and when it is discovered that she has kids, bring them into the scenario and add a lover for the ex for comic relief.

If you chose ‘d’ and the woman you are pursuing doesn’t see through this hare-brained scheme, then you should probably dump her for being irretrievably stupid. So, on to the movie…

Danny (Adam Sandler) is a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who has taken fear of commitment to the next level. In order to preserve his single status, he wears a wedding ring, tells a tale of marital woe and scores a one-night stand. When he meets Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) at a party he is swept off his feet and the old ploy is scrapped. She finds the ring in his pants pocket and he explains with above option ‘d.’

If you haven’t hit your tolerance for absurdity yet, brace yourself. After one hook up, not even a date, Danny declares his undying love (although if you saw this girl’s body, it’s almost understandable), and Danny, Palmer, his assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), her kids and her fictitious lover Eddie (Nick Swardson) all jet off to Hawaii for a blended family vacation.

The only relief in this vapid sea of vulgar jokes and hackneyed sight gags are the hilarious cameos of Dave Matthews and Nicole Kidman as a better-than-you couple from Katherine’s past. Aniston and Sandler have terrific chemistry, but too bad we have to sit through an hour and 40 minutes of junk to get to it.