Forks Over Knives: It’s a 5

Movies are as varied and subjective as food: You have your cotton candy movies (see X-Men review), your meat-and-potatoes films and your tofu, P.C. stories. This documentary espousing the wonders of vegetarianism has to be the kale of films. It’s super good for you, has wonderful health effects and is easy to digest. It’s also tough, flavorless and uninteresting.

    Basically, the film is a 90-minute lecture espousing the virtues of a plant-based, whole foods diet. If you’ve spent five minutes analyzing your nutrition, most of this is not new information. The documentary does take it a step further, claiming that this diet can reverse virtually every degenerative disease (heart disease and diabetes are the main focus) we contract. Now, they don’t mention that weight loss in and of itself is capable of this, no matter how it is achieved, but I digress. So that’s the message. Eat right. Exercise. It’s about a six-second message, so you can just imagine how many times they say it. I will say this: The success stories they follow in the film are remarkable.

    My biggest gripe with the movie is that they didn’t call it Fork (singular) Over Knives, to get the double entendre, but I’ll let that go. I guess the point is that we all know spinach is better for you that a fried Twinkie, but according to these filmmakers, we just didn’t know how much better. It’s a 7 for content and a 3 for plot. Split the difference, call it a 5.  LN