A variety of teapots—including those outside of the ‘short and stout’ standard—will soon be on display in the Delmar Loop. Fif-TEA, Craft Alliance’s 14th biennial teapot exhibition, opens in January and will be part of the organization’s year-long 50th anniversary celebration.

To mark the milestone anniversary, the artists were asked to submit more than just the standard pot. “This year, we’re asking all of the artists to submit a cup with the teapot,” says director of exhibitions Stefanie Kirkland, noting some artists even asked if they could submit an entire set. “We want to create that fun little twist.” Once all pieces are on display, she says the space will be wall-to-wall teapots—but each piece will be properly highlighted, to keep them from competing with one another.

Kirkland has been with Craft Alliance some eight-plus years, and she says she is always fascinated with the new and unexpected teapots. The teapots on display will feature a variety of textures, including metal, ceramic, glass, felt and wood. “Some of our ceramic forms have really gone all across the board, from the classic to the eroded to the crooked to the animal,” Kirkland says.

Kirkland says the Craft Alliance teapot exhibition is always well-received by the public, and has become a wonderful tradition. “[A teapot] symbolizes something: It’s soothing, and there is something calming about it from the viewer’s perspective.”

The 14th biennial exhibit will feature more than 50 artists, including 26 new to Craft Alliance. “I find it really interesting that makers of all kinds of media gravitate to the form,” Kirkland says. “Whenever I ask the maker about it, they say it’s such a classic form, it has so many challenges.”

The exhibit will open Friday, Jan. 10, at the Delmar Loop Craft Alliance with a special artists' reception. Fif-TEA runs through March 23.

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