Rather than waste my time (and yours) on the Nth installment of the Resident Evil franchise or Finding Nemo 3D—which, by the way, is very similar to the original except that everything really comes at you—I thought I would help you out with some rental options. Here’s what’s out on DVD right now:

Snow White and the Huntsman

Honestly, if the director were going to have an affair with anybody in this cast, you would think it would be Charlize Theron, who is bone-chilling as the wicked queen. Unfortunately, the impassive Kristen Stewart deflates the entire film. It’s a 6.

The Five-Year Engagement

This is a charming romantic comedy with an incredibly likeable cast. It’s not rocket science, but so what. Here, Emily Blunt and Jason Segel star as ambitious young lovers who just can’t seem to make it down the aisle. It’s a 7.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

If you missed your chance to see this in the theater, here’s your second chance. This is a heartwarming film about British retirees who movie to India, lured by the promise of a luxury retirement resort. It’s an 8.


Jack Black and Shirley MacLaine star in this true story about a dark and comically twisted relationship between a bitter manipulative widow and a shy mortician. It’s an 8.

Piranha 3DD

Just in case there are any teenage boys reading…