Let me start off by saying there is no bigger fan of Tina Fey and Steve Carrell than me. I have watched every episode of 30 Rock, and the theme from The Office is my ring tone. There is no doubt about it, these are two funny, funny people. That said, I think they need new agents. Carrell has had more success than Fey, but both actors need to start exercising a little more discretion when it comes to script approval. Honestly, this movie is not funny, logical, believable or entertaining, and trust me, I can forgive a lack of the first three characteristics if the fourth is there.

    Claire and Phil Foster are stuck in a rut. Their life consists of packing sack lunches and driving little ones from point A to point B. Their ‘date night’ is meaningless chitchat over potato skins and a glass of wine at the local pub. But when they discover their closest friends, living the exact same life, are divorcing, they try to spice things up. They head to the chicest restaurant in Manhattan, but when they can’t get a table, they steal another couple’s reservation. The bad news is that the couple they claim to be is in trouble with a very, very bad man, and the Fosters are now forced to run for their lives. Think North by Northwest, only bad.

    This film is so utterly forgettable I can’t even remember all the stuff I hated about it. The dialogue is stilted and predictable—and if Carrell and Fey can’t make dialogue funny, no one can. This movie is a complete and utter waste of time. Spend your date night somewhere else.