Now would be a good time to talk about something we learned about in high school: willing suspension of disbelief. It’s known in the Baldwin household as the ‘because it’s a movie’ response. It’s the thing that lets you turn off the part of your brain that says, Batman probably couldn’t survive that jump, and just go with it. Whether you are making a movie like this, acting in a movie like this or watching a movie like this: you have to invest. And Clash of the Titans certainly has given you the cast and special effects to do just that.

    The story tells the tale of the battle between man and gods. Perseus (Sam Worthington), the son of Zeus (Liam Neeson) and a mortal woman, is found orphaned at sea. He is taken in by a peaceful fisherman and awaits his destiny. Meanwhile, on Mount Olympus, Zeus and Hades (Ralph Fiennes) are upset about the lack of respect they are getting from humans and set about to punish them by releasing the most vicious of all mythical beasts, the Kraken. There are all sorts of hidden agendas and double-crosses—it’s all very 21st century politics, but Perseus is single-minded in his desire to kill the beast and save Argos.

    As I said, a movie like this is not without its eye-rolling moments—the saddled dino-scorpions leap to mind—but all in all it’s very well-acted and well-written. Sam Worthington must love the special effects, as he is fresh off of a brilliant performance in Avatar, and he is equally complex and compelling here. My kids loved it, the CGI is the best I’ve seen to date, and I never looked at my watch. The demographic is probably 10-to-15 year-old boys, but I liked it.