Let’s start with the good news: This is a 78-minute, beautifully shot family-friendly documentary. The bad news: This is a 78-minute family-friendly documentary. In an effort to make the film palatable for children, the more violent or grim parts of life are implied or simply glossed over. (It has to be the first time in the history of Disney that a parent’s death is not depicted on-camera.)

The film follows a young orphaned chimp who is adopted by an adult male. Narrated by Tim Allen, the movie beautifully illustrates life for these incredibly compelling creatures. Unfortunately, Allen inserts himself into the action and tries to steal the scene more than once. I can think of a hundred actors (literally) better-suited to narrate. The real credit here goes to the filmmakers. The audience can only imagine the harrowing conditions, violent weather and poisonous predators they had to endure to capture this story on film. I’m fairly certain chimpanzees aren’t always as darling—or human—as depicted here, but it’s nice to see a G-rated movie for once.

It's a 7.