Bridesmaids: It’s a 7

I call these types of comedies ‘frustration comedies.’ Like Planes Trains and Automobiles or After Hours, the source of the comedy is a series of disasters befalling a well-intentioned protagonist. It’s not my favorite genre because, while they can be funny, they also can make you want to choke somebody. This one is no exception.

    Annie (Kristin Wiig) has hit a rough patch. Her bakery business has failed, her living situation is unfortunate and her love life consists of ‘adult sleepovers’ with an arrogant lothario (Jon Hamm uncredited). To further complicate matters, her best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph) has just gotten engaged, burdening Annie with the onerous and expensive maid-of-honor duties. Preferring to wallow in self-pity rather than get her act together, Annie focuses her efforts on besting another bridesmaid, Helen (Rose Byrne), who is intent on replacing her as Lillian’s best friend. Meanwhile, the other bridesmaids discuss their marriages and try to rise above Annie’s inadvertent sabotage of Lillian’s engagement.

    You will hear people who have seen it refer to ‘the food poisoning incident’ or ‘the flight to Vegas,’ but really the heart of the movie is more of a touching story of Annie trying to find her way. That being said, the movie is not without its flaws. Wiig has such good chemistry with her love interest in the film I can almost forgive the casting of an Irishman as a Milwaukee cop—almost. Still, there were some terrific, Hangover-style laughs. LN