Without further ado, these were my 10 favorite films this year (in no particular order):

Midnight in Paris

This original and funny Woody Allen comedy is a cinematic tribute to the city of lights.


Brad Pitt shines as Oakland A manager Billy Beane as he attempts to reinvent baseball.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

This twisted thriller is even more chilling in English.


Germ-a-phobes steer clear: The fear spreads faster than the disease.

The Ides of March

Ryan Gosling deserves an Oscar nod for his compelling portrayal of a naïve campaign worker.

Margin Call

This fictional imagining of the onset of the sub-prime mortgage collapse is as fascinating as it is disturbing.


The film posits a theory as to who actually wrote the works of William Shakespeare.

The Artist

A wonderful look into the downfall of a silent film star in the new era of talkies.

Young Adult

Charlize Theron is too pretty to be this good of an actress. Here, she plays an emotionally stunted woman returning to her hometown.

My Week with Marilyn

Michelle Williams deserves an Oscar for her complex performance.


And these are the ones that had me looking for the lever to pull that drops a safe on my head:

Jack and Jill Adam

Sandler in drag…why, God, why?

The Sitter

Graffic language, drug use, violence and children…what a combo.

Dream House

The fact that Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz met on set and ended up getting married almost makes this movie worth it—almost.

New Year’s Eve

Seventeen thousand actors, none of whom seem to give a rat’s behind about their four minutes of screen time.

Something Borrowed

If you google the word ‘contrived,’ the trailer for this film comes up.

I Don’t Know How She Does It

I don’t know why they made it.

Like Crazy

Somehow the crushing power of first love is difficult to convey when the actors have no pulse.

The Zookeeper

Saying the gorilla is the best actor in the movie speaks volumes.


For starters, there is no abduction. There also is no acting.

One Day

They based the title on how long it feels like the movie lasts.


Happy New Year, LN readers!