Bad Teacher: It’s a 6

First, we had Bad Santa. Next week, we have Horrible Bosses. At the moment, we have Bad Teacher. If you’re imagining a raunchy romp filled with bathroom humor and sex jokes, give yourself a gold star. I did laugh a lot, but I’m not proud.

    Our story begins—after the first of many oral sex jokes—with Elizabeth (Cameron Diaz) getting dumped by her rich fiancé. Forced to continue a teaching job she neither enjoys nor actually does, her days are filled nursing hangovers at her desk while her students watch inspirational movies about education: Stand and Deliver, Dangerous Minds, Scream—that sort of thing. When a new teacher arrives, who, by every indication, has the bank account Elizabeth is looking for, she leaps into action. When she notices Scott (Justin Timberlake) seems to be attracted to more well-endowed women, she starts finding ways to pay for breast implants.

        Meanwhile, a more obvious partner for Scott, the perky Amy (Lucy Punch), is vexed by Elizabeth’s horrendous behavior and sets out to bring her down. And in another more obvious pairing, penniless gym teacher, Russell (Jason Segel), seems to have much more in common with snarky Elizabeth.

        First off, I want to say Cameron Diaz is losing her looks. I don’t know if it’s bad plastic surgery or harsh lighting, but her face just looks strange. From the neck down, it’s another story—she’s a 10. The movie, however, is far from it. It’s pedestrian and sophomoric, but it’s also funny.