It would appear fans of the cult-classic television show of the same name were so loyal and so enthusiastic that a big-screen version finally made it into theaters. In the spirit of full disclosure, I should say I have never seen the original show nor am I a big fan of star Kristen Bell. That being said; however, the concept of a high school detective appeals to my inner Nancy Drew. I imagine the same wholesome intrigue with some edgy updates. Honestly, I wasn’t too far off.

Veronica Mars, former teen sleuth (Bell), is all grown up and on the verge of joining a white-shoe Manhattan law firm. She has left the grit and drama of Neptune, Calif., and is ready to move on: new job, new romance, new life. The plan is working until one of her former classmates, now a scandal-ridden pop star, is found murdered; and the prime suspect is Veronica’s former love, Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring). If you guessed Veronica turns her back on her bright future to return to her old haunts and solve the crime, falling back in love with Logan in the process, give yourself a gold star.

The movie is fine. It’s a simplistic, mildly funny story with plenty of B-minus acting. There is a wink-and-a-smile nod to the original series, references which brought appreciative laughs from in-the-know audience members. In the end, the movie is an innocuous teen-spirit mystery that constantly reminds the audience for reasons both good and bad that it used to be a TV show. It’s a 6.