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Lindsay Lohan

The troubled actress reportedly causing trouble on the set of her latest movie. We're told she showed up a day late for shooting Scary Movie 5 and then supposedly proceeded to trash her trailer and clog the toilet, shutting down all the plumbing on set. Lindsay claims it’s all a lie–producers made up because they were angry she was late. Wait. Lindsay Lohan has a part in a movie? Oh right, Scary Movie 5

Kate Middleton

The newly pregnant Duchess of Cambridge reportedly is having a difficult first trimester. As you've heard, Kate had to be hospitalized earlier this month with severe morning sickness. Nevertheless, she seems to be on the mend–even attending the royal Christmas party. William was said to have been initially opposed to the idea, fearing the event was too much of a strain on her health and her pregnancy. I have to say he has a point. I mean, the weight of the jewelry alone…


Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson delighted fans with their holiday love antics. The reunited pair threw a Christmas party for friends and family, exchanged gifts and even decorated a Christmas tree together. Is it possible these two aren’t faking a relationship for Twilight publicity? Could they be an actual couple? Oh wait, I forgot, DVD release isn’t until February.

All My Children

Fans of the cancelled soap opera will be thrilled to hear that the residents of Pine Valley are being resurrected… online. A media company has secured the rights to begin airing episodes as early as next month. The show has not been seen in more than a year while producers ironed out union negotiations. A year? Jeez, the recaps are going to take forever.

*so don’t quote me.