Unreliable and second-hand gossip from around the world*

Britney Spears

The drama continues in the pop star’s private life. First came the rumors that Britney’s longtime relationship with manager Jason Trawick had hit a rough patch. Now, out of the blue, her ex-husband, back-up dancer Kevin Federline’s brother has come forward claiming to be the biological father of Britney’s older son, 7-year-old Sean Preston. Christopher Federline claims that he and Britney had a brief affair that resulted in the pregnancy. Well, I’m sure he’s just confessing this out of the goodness of his heart. I mean, what other motivation could he possibly have?

Janet Jackson

The pop sensation is rumored to be engaged. After months of dating a Middle-Eastern billionaire, the Nasty singer is going to tie the knot. They are planning an elaborate wedding with hundreds of guests, and Janet plans on walking down the aisle in a traditional gown. The wedding will supposedly cost millions, although the money they make selling photos to the tabloids of the planned wardrobe malfunction at the altar should even things out.


The powerhouse Diamonds singer had some words of advice for fans last week. Over the Christmas holiday, Rihanna sent multiple tweets urging fans to empower themselves and improve their lives. She wrote, “It is most important to be happy, eliminate negativity around you this holiday season…2013 is way too futuristic for the same weak [expletive deleted].” Of course, the fact that she also announced that she had gotten back together with abusive ex Chris Brown did tend to dilute the message.

Mariah Carey

The diva is rapping up the holidays on vacation in Aspen with husband Nick Cannon and their twins. Well, they may be rich and famous, but they celebrate the holidays just like regular folks. Mariah tweeted, “Do you have your presents under the tree already? I’m not letting anyone touch them until Christmas Day.” No spoiling of those kids--just like every other kid in America, they had to wait until Christmas morning to open their bags of diamonds and pull the bow off the private jet.

*so don’t quote me.