The Vino Fondo- Big Shark Bicycle Company, Trailnet and Mount Pleasant Winery are bringing back the European cycling tradition of the Gran Fondo cycling experience back to Missouri's hilliest wine country. A traditional pairing of challenging riding and a tour of some of Missouri's best and oldest vineyards. Experience the same roads and towns visited by the internationally acclaimed Tour of Missouri Professional Cycling Race and challenge yourself to complete one of four formidable routes of the 5th annual Missouri Vino Fondo.

The Gran Fondo- Also called Cyclosportif rides, Gran Fondo's are challenging rides that combine the best elements of epic recreational rides, some of the characteristics of a race and the visual experiences of the touring cyclist. The tradition of the Gran Fondo includes climbs and difficult riding conditions which we will going forward refer to as "features." The Gran Fondo experience is a true melting pot for cyclists of all abilities- with one goal, the satisfaction of achievement (and a good post ride meal and party.)

The Vino Fondo is a fully supported, timed ride. Although not a race, all participants will receive two measures of their achievement: overall ride time AND their climbing time over the penultimate beast, the Schleusberg. We are offering four distance options, each tuned to maximize scenery and include as many of the regions "topographic features" as we can find. We're crafty like that. Please note that the above topography is actually from the route, and not an electrocardiogram.


  • Occurred Saturday, May 17th, 2014 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


Mount Pleasant Winery

5634 High Street
Augusta, MO 63332


Michael Weiss