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  • January 29, 2015

Limitless Planet St. Louis Walking Tours-Bellefontaine Cemetery - Ladue News: Outdoor Events

Outdoor Events

St. Louis, Mo

An Outdoor Museum with Fine Sculpture and Memorial Art

Be inspired by the most notable St. Louisians:  Beer barons, statesmen, artists, pioneers (including one of the most famous of all), entrepreneurs and abolitionists. These are just some among the 87,000 who create the flowing mosaic of American culture in St. Louis and rest permanently at Bellefontaine Cemetery. But, that's not all there is to Bellefontaine!  Along with being a cemetery, Bellefontaine is also an accredited Level II arboretum and included in the Morton Register of Arboreta. The many trees and shrubs on the property have been a focus from the beginning and the number has grown to include over 4,000 trees, with well over 100 different species. It is also a tranquil haven for local wildlife, including red fox, red tail hawk, wild turkeys, wood ducks and ducklings, and many migratory birds. Don't miss this hidden gem in St. Louis by walking tour.  Tour Length:  approx. 2 hrs. Miles:   2.5     Difficulty: Moderate. Register for tour at: http://limitlessplanetstl.com/destination-management-company/st-louis/

Website: limitlessplanetstl.com/destination-management-company/st-louis/
venue information
  • Limitless Planet
  • 1912 Cherokee Street
  • St. Louis, Mo 63118
Event Contact
Name: Laura Allers-Lowry Phone: 3148007328 Email:
Contact Laura Allers-Lowry by email or by phone at 3148007328 for more information regarding the Limitless Planet St. Louis Walking Tours-Bellefontaine Cemetery.
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