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  • July 29, 2014

David Garrett - Ladue News: Music & Concerts

When David Garrett wanted a title for his new album, he came straight to the point and called it Music. A former child prodigy of the classical world who signed to Deutsche Grammophon when he was only 13, he now provokes Garrett-mania among hordes of international fans with his spectacular fusions of rock and pop with symphonic or baroque traditions. To him, it's all music and all equally valid.


"I never stopped playing classical music," he points out. "But when you become really accomplished on the violin, you can literally do anything. It's just a matter of what you really want to do with music."

In his teen-wonder years, it looked as if he was all set for a long career as a classical soloist. He worked with leading orchestras around the world under such esteemed maestros as Claudio Abbado and Zubin Mehta, and mastered the major works from the violin repertoire. But he knew that there was a different life beyond the hothouse bubble of classical music, and he took the gamble to leave Europe and head for the teeming melting pot of New York. He kept up his classical studies at the Juilliard school, but the city offered him all kinds of musical and personal opportunities.

The new, open-to-everything David Garrett was born. You could probably write a book about all the musical dreams and schemes inside his head, and the pieces he has created for Music offer plenty of clues about the scope of his ambitions. The disc pulls together an intoxicating mix of classic rock, classic pop and classic classical, all blended together within the violinist's ever-expanding universe. "I try to see classical music in a new perspective," he explains, while "on the other hand I want to integrate elements of classical music into pop, yet leave its original energy intact."

His work is often described as "crossover", but whatever it is, he believes that it "poses an even greater challenge than classical music does because you want to present things to your listeners in a completely new light while putting on a superb violinist's performance."

Website: www.fabulousfox.com/shows_page_multi.aspx?usid=383
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