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  • January 26, 2015

To the Arctic: Bringing a Remote Yet Vibrant Land to Life - Ladue News: Lectures & Education

Lectures & Education

St. Louis, MO

Featured Speaker: Florian Schulz, award-winning nature photographer and author

--lecture and book signing, official companion book to the IMAX film, To The Arctic

Special thanks to Journey Through the Arctic sponsor, the Alaska Wilderness League.

In every season of the year, the Arctic pulses with life. Caribou migrate to coastal plains in spring to give birth. In summer, birds from around the world float on arctic lakes and wetlands. As summer turns to winter, polar bears venture onto the growing ice to feed. Even through the long winter, coral reefs thrive below the ice. Award-winning nature photographer, Florian Schulz, presents stunning photographs and video showcasing the variety of arctic life that thrive throughout the seasons of the year.

From the oddly captivating shapes of musk oxen to some of the most extraordinary images ever taken in the wild of a mother polar bear and her two young cubs, audiences thrill to Florian's unforgettable photographs. His presentations are rich in visual imagery and personal storytelling, expertly mixed with sounds of the Arctic and music. In this powerful and inspirational multi-media show, Florian blends beauty and artistry with a conservation message that focuses on what we can do to protect our wild habitats.

To the Arctic: Bringing a Remote Yet Vibrant Land to Life is a free event.
Website: www.academyofsciencestl.org
venue information
  • Saint Louis Zoo - Living World Auditorium
  • One Government Drive
  • St. Louis, MO 63110
Event Contact
Name: Carolyn Noe Phone: (314) 533-8586 Email:
Contact Carolyn Noe by email or by phone at (314) 533-8586 for more information regarding the To the Arctic: Bringing a Remote Yet Vibrant Land to Life.
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