Uber Asphalt is a unique cycling experience where participants race to different locations in the city of St. Louis to receive bottle caps. Once all of the bottle caps have been retrieved, riders dash back to Lift For Life Academy to exchange their bottle caps for a six-pack of New Belgium beer to enjoy during the reception and award ceremony. Anyone under 21 will receive craft sodas.

Participants can either sign up as teams or as solo riders. The teams of Crushers will crush different obstacles at each location, completing various challenges in order to receive their bottle caps. The first pair of Crushers to complete all of their tasks and make it back to the Academy will win.

The solo Cruisers will cruise to each location and play the Page Ripper game, ripping out the first page left in a text book at each location. Once all of the solo cyclists have made it back to the Academy, the participant with the lowest total sum of page numbers will win.

This event benefits Lift For Life Academy, a St. Louis charter school serving 580 students. The proceeds will go towards the 6th Grade Reading Program.

June 1st through June 30th $90 per obstacle team. $45 for a solo riderJuly 1st through July 17th $100 per obstacle team. $50 for a solo riderAfter July 17th & race day $120 per obstacle team. $60 for a solo rider


  • Occurred Saturday, July 19th, 2014 @ 8:00 am – 1:00 pm


Lift For Life Academy

1731 S Broadway
Saint Louis, MO 63104