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WHAT:    SOHA Studio & Gallery with the Saint Louis Zoo is offering a free conservation lecture by Dr. Crickette Sanz.  Saint Louis Zoo keepers will also be on hand to answer questions.


The lecture will also include an opportunity to purchase great ape-produced masterpieces. Professionally framed, original works of art by the Zoo's Fragile Forest/Jungle of the Apes' residents will be exhibited and for sale in a variety of sizes and will include information about the artists.  Also for sale will be beautifully photographed portraits of the artists by Jess Dewes.   A LARGE PERCENTAGE OF THE PROCEEDS FROM ARTWORK SALES GOES DIRECTLY TO THE CONSERVATION OF WILD GREAT APES.


WHEN:   Wednesday, November 13th,  7 p.m.


WHERE:  SOHA Studio and Gallery, 4915 Macklind Avenue,


ABOUT DR. SANZ: Dr. Sanz is an assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology at Washington University in Saint Louis.  She and David Morgan are co-directors of the Goualougo Triangle Ape Project in the Nouabal-Ndoki National Park, Republic of Congo. In 1999, the project was initiated to increase knowledge of the central subspecies of chimpanzee and use this information to address the threats facing these apes in western equatorial Africa. The scope of the project was recently expanded to include a focus on the western lowland gorillas that coexist with chimpanzees throughout most of central Africa.  Dr. Sanz is a research associate of the Wildlife Conservation Society's International Program in Republic of Congo and an active member of International Union for Conservation of Nature's Primate Specialist Group on Great Apes.

ABOUT THE ZOO’S APES: The Saint Louis Zoo’s Fragile Forest and Jungle of the Apes provide safe habitats for chimpanzees, orangutans and gorillas. The Zoo is also helping apes in the wild. At one time, more than one million Chimpanzees lived in Africa. Today, perhaps only 150,000 survive. Scientists estimate hundreds of thousands of Sumatran orangutans could be found 10,000 years ago, throughout Southeast Asia, even in southern China. Today, only 10-25,000 still survive. All types of Western Lowland Gorillas are in serious danger of extinction in the wild. Western gorillas number only about 110,000. Eastern gorillas are even more rare: one subspecies, the eastern lowland gorilla, numbers only about 10,000, while the mountain gorilla subspecies numbers just a few hundred.  


  • Occurred Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm


SOHA Studio and Gallery

4915 Macklind Avenue
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