The OA Gallery is pleased to announce the opening reception and the exhibition of the works of quintessential veteran illustrator, Don Kueker.  Kueker is somewhat of a legend among illustrators. The volume of his works is breathtaking, but each and every one of his pieces were concocted from his deeply creative mind then meticulously formed into vibrant, often iconic images.  Don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet Don Kueker and enjoy his stunning original works.

Don Kueker is a self-taught illustrator.   His formal art training was some drafting classes and an architectural rendering class.  As a young man, he set his goal on becoming an advertising illustrator and went after that goal with great determination.  He studied the work of illustrators he admired, but definitely has developed his own style and working methods.  His illustration career has spanned many decades and many genres.  He is not an artist whose body of work can be placed into one category.  There is however, a common thread running through all of his work.  That thread is creativity.  His artwork always tells a story, promotes a product or engages a viewer with a creative flair that has elevated his work into the elite illustrators of all time.  To have such an amazing talent in our midst is truly something to celebrate.

The OA Gallery is located in the heart of Kirkwood MO, in a space reminiscent of favorite SOHO spots. The gallery showcases professional artists Shawn Cornell, Lisa Ober, Bryan Haynes, Steve Morris, Bob Bertram, Archie St. Clair, Marie Donato, John Dean, Linda Smith and Abraham Mohler. These permanent resident artists have decades of combined talents in varied mediums. The gallery also offers stunning jewelry by artists Don Kelley, Josephine Jacobsmeyer and fine pens by Mark McCullough.  More information is available at the OA Gallery web site.


  • Occurred Friday, May 16th, 2014 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm


OA Gallery

101A W. Argonne
Kirkwood, MO 63122