It’s all in the name: SummerQuest. When the last bell rings, announcing the end of school, children can taste the freedom that their favorite season brings. Their quest this summer? Endless fun. Parents’ quest this summer? Something to keep the kids busy, safe and interested in learning. Enter SummerQuest, the day camp that elevates summertime for all.

“We hope to provide each and every family with St. Louis’ premier day camp experience,” Doug Verby, the director at SummerQuest, says. “That includes learning new information and skills, but most of all, having fun every day through interactions with campers, counselors and teachers.”

So, how does SummerQuest set out to do this? It creates a diverse schedule of activities for different age groups that inspires children and encourages intellectual growth. Naturally, a few favorites always make the list.

“Some of our most popular activities at SummerQuest include swimming – both instructional and free swim – woodworking, rocketry, rock climbing, cooking classes and numerous sports,” Verby details.

Serving three age groups, ranging from kindergarten through eighth grade, SummerQuest incorporates learning opportunities into every structured activity. Infusing wonder into science and math projects, teamwork into physical activities, and developing creative thinking through the humanities, the program’s newest offering is sure to expand campers’ minds.

“We are offering the seventh- and eighth-graders a new biology course, called Missouri Wildlife,” Verby shares. “This class provides a hands-on experience, which allows students to learn about the ecosystems of Missouri.”

All of this is orchestrated by a reliable team of teachers and staff, who seek to deliver a day camp experience that is second to none.

“We have established a culture of excellence [that is exemplified by] the people we hire,” Verby says. “We have the best teachers from this area, who bring their expertise and enthusiasm to every session each summer. They are supported by top high school and college-aged students, who serve as our counselors.”

This summer, freedom and safety can be found at SummerQuest, where learning and fun go hand-in-hand.

SummerQuest, No. 1 Mark Twain Circle, Clayton, 314-854-6614,


Session 1: June 4 to 15

Session 2: June 18 to 29

Session 3: July 2 to 13

Sessions available for three age groups: kindergarten through third grade, fourth through sixth grade, and seventh through eighth grade.

Registration currently open at

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