Aging isn’t easy for anyone, but thanks to The Edge for Men, St. Louis-area men can rest easy knowing there’s help for the physical effects of aging.

The Edge for Men, which opened last year on Clayton Road in Ladue, is a wellness center that specializes in “restoring men’s vitality, sexual performance and overall appearance,” according to the website. It is the brainchild of Dr. Richard Moore, medical director of The Lifestyle Center, a medical cosmetic and body sculpting clinic.

“The demand for cosmetic services by men at The Lifestyle Center has been fairly steady for the past several years,” Moore says. “Since the décor, brochures, banners, etc., are largely geared toward women, men have looked a bit out of place in the waiting room. I felt providing an environment that was more focused on men would be received in a more comfortable fashion.”

Moore had been considering bringing hormone replacement therapy to The Lifestyle Center, and he was aware of other clinics in the area that focus on testosterone replacement and erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments. When the space next to The Lifestyle Center became available, Moore decided it would make a good place for a center focusing just on men’s needs. He now serves as medical director of both centers.

“It’s my belief that if you can give men the edge back in how they feel, whether at work, in the bedroom or the gym, then they are going to want to go on to take advantage of the aesthetic services we offer,” he says. “In addition to my daily presence in the center, this is what differentiates us from the other clinics. In addition, I have a strong daily presence at The Lifestyle Center and The Edge for Men. Most clients meet with me during their initial consultation. My focus is always on what is in the best interests of the patient.”

The Edge for Men offers some of the same services found at The Lifestyle Center while providing procedures that apply specifically to men. The menu includes low testosterone and ED treatments, hair restoration, laser hair removal, anti-aging skin treatments, body sculpting and microvascular testing.

Although body sculpting represents the highest proportion of services provided to men, the fastest-growing category of services at The Edge for Men is the treatment of low testosterone and ED. “Virtually any male over the age of 45 is a good candidate for these services,” Moore says. He notes that the center offers both testosterone injections and bio-identical hormone pellets, or plant-based hormones that are delivered through tiny pellets, which are inserted into a small incision in the skin and then slowly dissolve; acoustic wave therapy, an ED treatment for men with decreased blood flow; and other procedures and medications.

During an initial assessment, men provide a complete health history and have lab tests performed to determine what type of treatment is needed. Moore notes that hormone issues should be addressed before other therapies are added.

Hair is another major issue for aging men – it may disappear from some places and grow in others. The Edge for Men offers NeoGraft hair restoration, low-level laser therapy to stimulate hair growth, and oral and topical medications to enhance hair where men want it while providing laser hair removal in areas where they don’t. “With our state-of-the-art Diolaze XL laser, we’re able to achieve safe, effective, comfortable treatments at an affordable value,” Moore says.

Body sculpting and anti-aging cosmetic procedures are popular for both men and women. A number of different types of procedures and products, from Tickle Lipo to Botox to dermal fillers, are available at both The Edge for Men and The Lifestyle Center to help remove fat, contour the body, reduce wrinkles and improve skin’s overall appearance.

“Microvascular testing is performed free of charge,” Moore says. “This detects early vascular disease in patients, many of whom may have normal lipid levels and normal blood pressure and have received a clean bill of health from their doctor. By diagnosing these problems before they become evident, we can intervene with hormonal optimization and supplements to raise nitric oxide levels. There is evidence that these interventions can reverse microvascular dysfunction.”

Moore notes that he doesn’t just speak about men’s health as a clinician. “As a male in my 60s, I’m well aware of the changes occurring in men as we age,” he says. “It’s always my goal to provide services that will give men the edge back in their lives. I’ve seen tremendous benefit myself from these services, which helps potential clients to see how they can benefit. At The Edge for Men, we are ahead of the curve relative to other centers in the services that we are able to offer.”

The Edge for Men, 10289 Clayton Road, Ladue, 314-736-4636, edgeformenstl.com

Connie, a native of St. Charles and graduate of the MU School of Journalism, is a freelance writer and editor who contributes to print and online publications for clients throughout the region. She enjoys travel, hiking, kayaking and drinking good coffee