David Sanborn, in my opinion, is one of the most gifted, dedicated and celebrated saxophonists of our time.

A common challenge for many teens involves interacting with adults.

More so these days than in the past, fathers are taking a role in raising their children, but the degree of involvement still varies.

We are going to know shortly if we are a Major League Soccer (MLS) city or not.

Arguments for revising the U.S. tax code have swirled for decades, and as tax season approaches, many tax experts – and concerned citizens – customarily serve up alternatives, such as the flat tax.

In January, high school students being considered for merit scholarships begin preparing for interviews.

For the past few decades, Pleban has been one of the most celebrated criminal defense attorneys in St. Louis, with most of his clients being accused police officers.

When school began late last summer, your teenager likely was excited about academics and looked forward to extracurricular activities.

In 2014, approximately 2,270 of those aged 16 to 19 died in motor-vehicle accidents.

Here are almost a dozen thoughts on sports and life as we go into the new year.