Unreliable and second-hand gossip from around the world*

Katherine Heigl

The former Grey’s Anatomy star apparently is having some career troubles. After several horrible flops, including One for the Money and Killers, Heigle who once commanded $12 million a film, is now doing TV commercials. Insiders claim the reason for the dearth of roles is that Heigl is a nightmare to work with: demanding, rude and condescending. So those of you who had ‘turtle face’ or ‘can’t act’ in the office pool, pay up.

Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus’s fiancé was snapped heading out for a run last week, no doubt trying to escape the cheating rumors swirling around him. After his breakout role in the universally panned thriller, Paranoia, Hemsworth now confronts a rocky romance with Cyrus, after multiple reports have surfaced that he has been two-timing her with Mad Men actress January Jones. Jeez. If only his films had this much drama…

Khloe and Lamar

The reality stars continue their romantic struggle for all to see. After a 10-minute courtship and 20-minute marriage, the pair has publicly struggled with fertility issues, allegations of infidelity and now, drug dependency. NBA player Odom has reportedly checked into, then out of, then into an outpatient rehab program for a crack cocaine addiction. Well, barring a trial for a violent crime, a long lost evil twin or a plane crash on a deserted island, I don’t know what those two are going to come up with for sweeps.

Taylor Swift

The pop star and serial dater’s new romance has hit the tabloids: Swift has been spotted cozying up with Australian actor Breton Thwaites. The drama, however, has already started as Breton’s ex, model Jessica Campion, is apparently making no secret of her jealousy. Swift is reportedly shocked at Campion’s reaction and is taking the high road, despite never having had to deal with a jealous ex. Mainly because none of her relationships have lasted long enough to evoke that kind of response, but still.

*so don’t quote me.