The Baldwin Report

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The TODAY Show

In a shameless ratings grab (or a valiant act of public service), Matt Lauer and Al Roker both received prostate exams live on the air. The men agreed to the routine but invasive procedure in an effort to increase awareness of men’s health issues. Not to be outdone over at Good Morning America, Lara Spencer will be giving birth in a bathtub and George Stephanopolis is having experimental heightening surgery next week.

Kristen Bell

The Veronica Mars star had a small run-in with the paparazzi last week. She was walking through LAX when the flashes started popping. Bell was visibly disturbed by the media presence, shouting at photographers to stop taking her picture and making attempts to cover her head and face as she rushed to a waiting car. If you’re picturing her curled up in the back of the limo, muttering over and over that fame is so hard while her manager soothes her, I think you nailed it.

John Mayer and Katy Perry

Fans and friends are counting the days until the two make it official. It seems the womanizing crooner is finally ready to settle down with the Roar singer. Mayer has dated everyone--and I mean everyone, from Jennifer Aniston to Taylor Swift--while Perry is moving on from a brief marriage and hasty divorce from B-list comic Russell Brand. Well, I tell you what, if these two crazy kids can’t make it work…

Justin Bieber

Minor scandals have been following the young pop star as he travels across South America. After incidents of petty crime and public indecency, the latest tidbit to pop up is a video of Bieber sleeping taken by a rumored Brazilian prostitute. It’s not what you think. Apparently, the language barrier led to some confusion when Justin’s manager was trying to find a sitter to pay by the hour to watch him for the night. The video is just to show his mom that he’s down for his nap.

*so don’t quote me.