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Brooke Mueller

Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife is in the tabloids again, and not for anything good…again. Rumors are flying that multiple nude photos of Brooke are about to surface. Apparently, after a wild night, she posed for some rather explicit shots; and, like all things digital, they are going to be leaked. Wow. Drugs, alcohol, domestic violence, run-ins with the law, and now nude photos—or as Brooke calls it, Tuesday.


Oz the Great and Powerful opened last week and insiders are now saying that Disney had so much confidence in the film’s success, they gave the green light to a sequel before the film even opened. The film stars James Franco as a huckster whose hot air balloon gets blown off course and lands him in Oz, where he is revered as a wizard. My God, what on earth would a sequel be about? Think, damn it, think.

Selena Gomez

After a long, dramatic and highly publicized break-up with pop star Justin Bieber, the singer was spotted looking rested and happy emerging from an L.A. recording studio. Insiders already are speculating that Selena has found closure in her song-writing. Now, now, don’t sink to that level. Just because the first single to drop is called Die, Girlish Man Boy, doesn’t necessarily mean the song is about their relationship.

Cory Monteith and Lea Michele

The real-life couple and Glee co-stars thrilled fans in New York City last week, stopping in midtown to shake hands and pose for pictures with fans. The pair patiently signed autographs and met with dozens of people in the adoring crowd. Well, Cory did. Lea was busy locking herself in the bathroom at the Four Seasons and washing off the stench of the common man.