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Celebrity Break-Ups

Robert Pattinson and Dylan Penn, Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias, Bruce and Kris Jenner…It seems love is not in the air in Tinseltown, as one celebrity couple after the next seems to be calling it quits. As you would expect for the most part, the parties involved are asking for privacy at a very difficult time. Except for Kris Jenner, who has scheduled two photo shoots, four paparazzi run-ins, an Us Weekly feature, a GMA appearance, and is pitching a spin-off reality show about her life back on the dating scene.

Miley Cyrus

The controversial pop tart is raising eyebrows once again. This time, the Wrecking Ball singer showed up at a press event with a mesh thong poking out of her jeans and star-shaped pasties visible under a see-through shirt. OK, I think we need to focus on the positive. Yes, she was wearing provocative undergarments, but she was wearing jeans and a tee-shirt this time. There’s a word for that: progress.

Lindsay and Dina Lohan

In the wake of Dina’s DUI charge and Lindsay’s touch-and-go rehab, the two decided to show the world their healthy, normal side. Paparazzi snapped the pair on a mother-daughter bike ride in Manhattan last week. They laughed and chatted as they pedaled around, stopping for bottled water and healthy snacks. Lindsay seemed to be really enjoying herself. My God, if only the good parenting lasted longer than the photo op. Imagine the possibilities!

Suzanne Somers

The 66-year-old fitness guru went on The View last week to respond to pop star Miley Cyrus’ public comment that people older than 40 don’t have sex. Somers told the ladies that she and her husband of 36 years have sex “a couple of times a day.” She went on to add that her extremely fulfilling sex life with her virile man keeps her sharp and happy. It’s also how she came up with the product name 'thighmaster,' but that’s neither here nor there.

*so don’t quote me.