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  • January 31, 2015

backtoschoolfashion02.JPG - Ladue News: Home


On Evyan:

Tea shirt, $39, City Sprouts

Morgan & Milo t-shirt, $36, Dandelions

Jeans (Evyan’s own)

Nike shoes, $58, Laurie’s

Backpack, $30, The Initial Design

On Landon:

E-Land shirt, $35, The Woman’s Exchange

Egg pants, $46, Dandelions

Converse (Landon’s own)

Backpack, Pottery Barn Kids

On Eden:

Tea cardigan ($39), shirt ($24.50), and leggings ($22.50), City Sprouts

Shoes (Evan’s own)

Backpack, $38, The Initial Design

On Shiloh:

Tea dress, $39, Dandelions

Janod backpack, $25, City Sprouts

Shoes (Shiloh’s own)

On Chase:

E-Land polo, $33, The Woman’s Exchange

Egg Baby shorts, $42, Dandelions

Converse (Chase’s own)

Janod backpack, $25, City Sprouts

On Livie:

Tea dress, $39, City Sprouts

Backpack, Pottery Barn Kids

Shoes (Livie’s own)

On Grace:

Tea dress, $30, denim jacket, $59, City Sprouts

Lunch box, Pottery Barn Kids

Shoes (Grace’s own)

On Colin:

Tea t-shirt, $23, jeans, $39, City Sprouts

Lunchbox, Pottery Barn Kids


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